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Sonora Naturals started its activities at the beginning of 2000 with the sale of naturist supplies and food supplements, then mid-2004 it decided to focus on chemical supplies for the mining industry.

 Our headquarters are located in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico and we have 3 strategically located branches in the States of Chihuahua, Durango and Zacatecas with the objective to cover an serve on time any possible customer in the Country.

 Sonora Naturals is made possible by great and qualified human capital, 70% of our workforce have concluded either a Bachelor’s or Master´s Degree. Therefore, your purchase and assistance experience with Sonora Naturals is guaranteed to have the best cost/benefit for your needs.


  • We are experts in mining processes such as: Irrigation systems designers, Merrill Crowe application, fire assay and activated carbon application.

  • Our sales Managers make onsite technical visitations and elaborate follow up reports in order to check performance and detect any possible problems with purchased equipment.

  • We represent in Mexico well known International brands for mining supplies; Midwest, U.S. Zinc, U.S. Borax, TM Bico, DFC Ceramics, Calgon Carbon, among others.

  • Environmental quality certification was achieved by Profepa (Federal Regulating Entity) 2012-2014 , 2014-2016.

  • Meanwhile, In 2017 Sonora Naturals achieved Certification for ISO-9001-2008 in pre-mixed flux preparation.

  • Later, In 2018 the company achieved ISO-9001-2015 certification, this time involving  Sonora Natural´s complete process.


We are the only company in this field that offers online training courses for mining companies, courses that prepare them to better understand industrial or laboratory grade chemical reagents performances, this in metallurgical processes and in the selection of irrigation systems efficiencies, all completely free.